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Dogs who eat raw typically have more energy and not only get excited to eat. They tend to have the health and energy of a puppy late into their years. 

Chewing bones and ripping apart meat actually releases endorphins in your pet. Because your dog is receiving so much mental and physical exercise during mealtimes, they will be more satisfied and less likely to engage in destruction behaviors out of boredom.

Dental Benefits

Your dog will have pearly white teeth when fed raw. It will take no work on your part. You will not be required to provide fancy dental chews or brush your dog’s teeth. You won’t need to visit the vet and pay for pricey dental work. 

How is that possible? Every time they rip, shred, tear, and crunch down on bones, they are receiving a thorough tooth cleaning. Crunching and grinding bones naturally scrape and remove plaque and tartar from the teeth.

Where is the Vet?

The biggest reason feeding Raw is important is your dogs overall health. 

When dogs eat food that is biologically appropriate, they will absorb all the nutrients from their food, making their immune system, digestive system, and other bodily functions stronger.

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